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My Story

tara the owner

I have always loved making things.
I started my own business at the age of 11 selling and
making jewellery. I did this for years and then started making 
cards and other gifts. I loved being creative but always looked for other items to make.

Then a few years ago I was working with a family member who made clothes, she encouraged me to give it a go. She inspired me to be where I am today. I love sewing, to see a bit of Fabric turned into an outfit is so satisfying.

Combining my passion for sewing alongside my passion for design I run 3 businesses to help support my family.

I now run this along with looking after my three young children ,working from home allows me to spend precious time with them. Now making clothing and accessories has become my new passion

tara and her family
Beautiful tea cup be curious dress
Roary Bear personalised childrens mug
Tallulah Designs bundle
My collections are all made with love

Everything on my page is made by myself with inspiration from some lovely patterns.

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